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55 Fiction


It is called ’55 fiction’: you have to ‘write a novel’ (story) in exactly 55 words… See two of mine below.

Example 1:

One day a man came running down the street.
He was waving his hands and people passing by in cars were staring, thinking him insane.

No one noticed as the man smiled to himself. He was thinking… how easily people are entertained!

He started clapping his hands, jumping to the left every now and then.

Example 2:

The computer girl was sitting in front of the… computer. It was late and she was half asleep fro the summer heat, when the door flung opened and her boyfriend stumbled in. Cassidy! He half-shouted out of breath, his eyes full round… She looked up, first-bewildered at his stained hands, then already knowing what he was to say. Cassidy… Quick! The icecream is melting!


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