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A Birthday Present

Something I wrote for a friend a few years ago for her birthday. I couldn’t think of something to give her, so I decided to write her something instead!

For Janice on her birthday

One day in January, I was sitting under a palm tree on a beach
When a coconut fell on my head
I rubbed my head
And picked up the coconut.

I looked up at the palm tree
And saw a monkey!
He was jumping up and down
And I believe he was laughing at me…

I did not think it so funny…
So I took the coconut
And threw it hard and straight
Up at the monkey.

He darted away so quickly
And almost lost his balance
He gave me a very strange look
And then he became quite red…

The next moment coconuts
Were raining down on me
Not raining…They were really more like meteors
Heading straight for me.

I started running
Until I came across a man
With a large Mexican hat
Sitting under a cactus

Do you play music? I asked.
Some quitar, maybe?
I would really like to listen to that right now.
Then he started dancing

And he was singing and clapping his hands
And the sun was setting
Over the dessert
As he offered me some warm, crispy nachos.

Hmmm I said, That’s quite good.
Do you have any for my friend?
Then he also became quite red…
And he grabbed the nacho from hand

Soon I had nachos raining down on me
And I was thinking of picking some up for my friend
When I decided not to
This man was rather angry

I ran like a coyote
And then stopped DEAD in my tracks
Did I just run pass…

That made me stop, alright.
Father Christmas handed me a glass of milk
And a fresh, crunchy cookie
And I thanked him of course

Father Christmas took off his gift bag
And said it was quite heavy
I was wondering if he would give me present
One that’s already wrapped for my friend…

I was still thinking about this present
When I noticed he was staring at me
And I mean STARING…so I felt pretty uncomfortable
As I was eating my cookie

Are you going to eat all that? He asked.
I looked at the cookie in my hand.
Yes? I said, not sure what the answer was supposed to be
Then he also became very (very) red…

I didn’t want to stick around
He was rather big…and red all over now.
So I threw him with the milk and cookie
And I RAN!

I ran and I ran until my feet ached so much
That I had to stop.
I stopped and saw PINNOCHIO!
I am serious, I saw Pinnochio.

Are you Pinnochio?! I exclaimed.
Yes, said Pinnochio.
But then the strangest thing happened…
His nose shot out a meter long!

This guy is not Pinnochio, I figured.
I was feeling rather uneasy
Who was he then?
I should better run.

I ran and ran until I became angry.
I turned around, and I shouted

And as I turned around,
there was the monkey and the Mexican
and father Christmas and the imposter Pinnochio
and then they all became quite RED…

I’m no ignorant girl, so, my friend,I RAN!!!!!!!
And this may all not make sense…
so loop hy maar vriendin
I wrote it just to say to you…

Thank you for some crazy times
thank you for all the love and advice
Enjoy life, it’s a party God organized for you
to dance in such a way that you will draw people into His awesome love.


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