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I just ‘concocted’ (is that even an English word?! I might have translated it directly from the Afrikaans ‘konkoksie’ Or perhaps the Afrikaans word comes from the English one… hmmm – something to look into on a rainy day.) But talking about rainy days, here is the ‘recipe’ for my very own hot beverage! (Okay, someone has probably already done this, but allow me to revel in my moment of ingenuity!

Let’s see… I will call it…

CAPE BAY COMFORT (We live at Cape Bay, Somerset-West, SA)

1 teaspoon coffee
1 teaspoon milo
1 teaspoon condensed milk
1 block dark chocolate
a little bit of brown sugar to taste

Fill the mug up to half with hot milk. Fill rest of mug with hot water from the kettle. Stir until all is dissolved. Froth some milk to make foam and add to the top. Sprinkle with milo. Tadaa! Put on your rain boots and your mittens, go sit on the stoep and smile to the atrocious winter weather. Alternatively, enjoy inside the comfort of your home while reading a book or watching a movie.

Hmmmm… ENJOY!
Comments welcome!!


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