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More painting!

It’s about time that I blog again!!


I am painting again!

“Make you banana pancakes…”

It’s time to blog again, but today I don’t know what to write about. So I decided I will just post a pic of my husband with the banana-bacon-honey french toast he made for us this weekend – DIVINE! I love my man in the kitchen!! Look closely at the stack on his plate – doesn’t it look SO good??!

Trip down memory lane

I bought this book at a book sale over the weekend – I haven’t seen this kind of story/ cover in years! We (my sister, mother and I) used to read these books over Winter holidays. We got them from the Humansdorp Library where the librarian was actually really one of those scary people: she had an ‘imposing’ figure, black hair (in a 60s style and this was the 90s), with black rectangular glasses. She used to shout at us from behind her desk to keep quiet! I was SO afraid of her…

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