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Do you know this poem?

by E.E. Cummings…

i like my body when it is with your
body. It is so quite new a thing.
Muscles better and nerves more.
i like your body. i like what it does,
i like its hows. i like to feel the spine
of your body and its bones, and the trembling
-firm-smooth ness and which i will
again and again and again
kiss, i like kissing this and that of you,
i like, slowly stroking the, shocking fuzz
of your electric fur, and what-is-it comes
over parting flesh… And eyes big love-crumbs,

and possibly i like the thrill

of under me you so quite new


Okay, first of all, blush blush!! blush…

But what an intriguing poem… I love the ‘i like my body when it is with your body’ and ‘which i will again and again and again kiss’.

His use of small caps is interesting and strange… why suddenly a capital ‘A’ in line 12 – the only capital letter in the poem? And why the spaces in lines 2,4,5 and 9 before ‘i’? And ‘-firm-smooth ness’?

I just thought I would be brave today and post this poem 🙂
Have a lovely weekend


Led by the nose…

I was recently asked by the Farmer’s Weekly magazine to cover a ‘Beef Farmer’s Day’ (if you know me well, you would know that this is a very unlikely place to find me…!)

So there I was, with my three-quarter, purple dress and boots, trying to ‘blend in’ with the farmers. I don’t think my blending really worked!

The last event of the day was a demonstration on how to spot a good Angus cow (is it cow? bull? I don’t know!) See the photo above – I felt SO sorry for these poor cows (?!): the nose rings seemed to REALLY hurt… they would walk with the people handling them, staying as close to them as possible, in order not to feel the pull of the ring through the skin in their noses… most farmers and ‘manly men’ (my tone here is one of irritation towards patriarchy!) will probably tell me I am just being a girl about it and that I am too emotional, but I am telling you I could see the absolute agony in those animals’ eyes. It was so upsetting seeing how they frantically tried to avoid any pull at the nose.

Why am I blogging about this today? I am not sure… I just always have all these things in my head,matters that worry me and raise questions about our life here on earth… So I guess I am asking: is this nose-ring thing acceptable? I know we need to eat and everything, but still…I don’t know…

Letter to my 16-year-old self

I just saw this on someone else’s blog, and I think it is a very cool idea!! Writing a letter to your 16-year-old self…

Dear 16-year old Nicolette

I am 27 and typing this message to you from our beautiful, cute little house in the Western Cape (yes – you are indeed going to meet the right husband, and it is not someone you have already met!)

I would like to share a few things with you, without giving away too much of your life to come…

Stop worrying about your hair – those curls you hate now, will one day sort themselves out – it is going to get better: a few years down the line the hairdressers at last learn to embrace curls! You will also get to know a wonderful little thing called GHD… but for now, stop straightening your hair!

School and what happens during this ‘teen time’ is not what life is about at all! You will get to know so many beautiful, wonderful people in your twenties. You will truly be blessed…

Please stop stressing about your studies and just do what you can while you quietly sit in God’s presence. Do not allow people to put pressure on you – do not allow it. You don’t have to please anyone but God. Don’t let teachers bully you, don’t be afraid of them – they also go to the loo, as our pastor said the other day.

What else can I tell you… your heart will break a couple of times, but the right one comes along – and your life with him will be better than anything you could imagine right now.

You will learn to LOVE cappuccinos… I know you hate coffee right now, but that’s okay – one day you will make up for all the coffees you missed out on!

On a more serious note, please relax: school is NOTHING compared to what awaits you. Don’t try to be cool or fit in. Chat with the coloured and black people who sit on one side of the school (the world will change for the better in the future). Wear what you want to, let your hair stand crazy wild (well done on getting that piercing – you will get another one when you are 20…!)

Oh yes! You will become very passionate about women’s rights. Don’t let anyone discriminate against you because you are a woman – you might not understand this now, but just remember to QUESTION QUESTION QUESTION everything this society teaches you – you don’t have to accept everything you are told and taught by people who are older than you. The meaning of a poem could be so much more than what your teacher is teaching the class: use your own mind and don’t back down!

Be kind to yourself – you are loved, and you will be loved in the future.

Okay, I have to go
Lots of love
Your older self

ps: you are going to be a writer one day:-)
Oh oh! You will see Germany and Mauritius before you turn 27!

On being a writer

Today I am not going to put any extracts from my book on this blog:-) If I keep going at this rate, the whole book will be on my blog soon! Okay – not really: I’ll put some more extracts soon.

Today I feel like writing on being a writer. Being a writer is tough! Having the courage to SAY you are a writer, is probably even tougher. When I say to people that I write – I wonder whether they are thinking:’Ag, everybody writes!’ Perhaps they think you need to have at least published a book to be called a writer.

Although I have been published quite a lot (I freelance for various magazines), I wonder whether being published is a requirement for being called a writer… I don’t think so: You might not be a published writer or author, but making the decision to commit yourself to your writing full-time, makes you a writer. If you are doing it as a hobby, part-time, I am not sure whether you can call yourself a writer… (feel free to debate this – I might be completely wrong!) Being called a writer is an honourable title and worthy job description – it is not just some dreamy, meaningless, wishy-washy and vague title. It is not less valuable than being a psychologist, doctor or physiotherapist. I take my work seriously, and I pray that God use my articles to change and touch people’s lives and to point them to God. And for me, THAT is what life is all about: He is the way, the truth and the light. For me, it is easy, as I am writing mostly for Christian magazines: I often get the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives with my writing. Find a publication that supports a cause that you feel passionate about – it will give a sense that being a writer is also an important JOB.

So that is what I have to say today about being a writer – if you are a writer, claim that title proudly and show people it can be a career, not just a hobby.


I don’t mind sharing my coffee!

Extract 5 from my book

Die kelnerin kom en ek weet sommer dadelik wat ons wil hE – die gewone: twee witwyne en twee salad valleys.

“Ek neem aan dis die liefde wat pla…” raai Anita.

Oh my word. Ja! Ek is so deurmekaar. Ek weet nie meer oor Hendrik nie. Wanneer ek nie by hom is nie mis ek hom, maar as hy by my is irriteer hy my! Ek is so bang ek los hom en dan kry ek nooit iemand nie! Is ek nie dalk net vol nonsens nie? “

“Jy kan maar vol nonsens wees, vriendin!” Elke meisie het seker al in haar lewe hierdie boodskap van ‘n vriendin af gekry. “Dis jou reg om fussy te wees! Jy gaan verseker nie alleen opeindig nie. Jy…is…pragtig!” met die klem op die ‘pragtig’.

Dis maklik om so vol vertroue vir ‘n vriendin dit te sE as jy self vier jaar uitgaan met dieselfde ou. Ek dink daaraan dat sulke mense, dierbare vriendinne, nie ‘n clue het hoe dit voel om alleen te wees nie. My langste verhouding ooit is ‘n maand, en dis tans met Hendrik. Op skool het ek die vreemdste ouens gehad. Die ene wat nie kon soen nie. Die ene wat op ons eerste date vir my die helfte laat betaal het van een milkshake en een bordjie chips. Die ene wat vandag gay is. Die ene wat vandag huge is. Ek verstaan dit nie… Ek is ‘n goeie, gewone, normale Afrikaanse, oulike, Christen meisie.

Extract 4 from my book

Uggh. Ek haat dit! Hendrik het hierdie gewoonte om al sy hordes meisie-vriendinne drukkies te gee. Of eintlik… ek dink dis ‘n Stellenbosch ding. Of ‘n kampus ding? Jy sou iemand een keer vinnig ontmoet het, nie eers sy naam ken nie, maar as julle mekaar sien, moet daar ‘n drukkie wees.

So kon ek nie my ‘walk of shame’ in vrede doen nie, want elke meisie wat by Nerina se voordeur in haar drafklere uitkom kry ’n drukkie van Hendrik. Dit irriteer my vanoggend ekstra baie, en terwyl hy nog so met ’n ‘vriendin’ ’n drukkie-geselsie aanknoop (hy sal letterlik van die gras af opstaan wanneer ons onder die bome sit voor die koshuis en twintig meter loop om iemand wat hy op die stoep sien staan ’n drukkie te gee!), druk ek vinnig sy arm, sê ‘bye’, swipe my kaart en verdwyn by die voordeur in. Hy moet SO weet iets is nou fout. Reg so – die drukkie ding is nie cool nie.

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