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Here I am again!

I haven’t blogged for more than a month!
It’s about time I start breathing life into this blog again…

There are so many things I would like to share, but I don’t know where to start… perhaps an extract from a book I am reading on the Delmas Four (yes, another ‘struggle/ apartheid book’! I love ’em, and nope I don’t fell bombarded by these texts, I choose myself to read them). This specific extract I am thinking about, I read this morning… I guess the writer is trying to justify (through passages such as these), why some black people have hate in them towards white people. Anyways, the passage: it is about how one of the main characters, Juma (black), thinks back to when he was a small boy of only nine. He remembers how he walked around in a neighborhood where his stepfather worked as domestic servant, and as he was walking he passed a little white boy with an Alsation, on leash. When he passed the boy, he didn’t want to look into his eyes, so he looked down as he passed. Then, being curious, he suddenly looked back – at that moment the white boy let the Alsation go, and the dog ran after Juma. Juma, terrified (as any little boy of 9 would be), ran into the first yard he saw, through a gate, which he closed behind him. The next moment the owner of the house (a middle-aged white man), came out shouting at him: Are you trying to break in? Trying to steal something little ‘kaffir’? Juma cried that he was running away from the dog, but the man dragged him inside, kicking and beating him. He called the police and Juma had to spend that night in jail…

Okay, so now I shared that, wanted to get that on ‘paper’. What else can I share today… I went for a morning run, I had to force myself to go, even though it is such a lovely day. I am at that place again where I have a love-hate relationship with exercise: I hate the obsessiveness it causes, but I love the endorphins, and for someone who struggles with depression, it is an absolute quick fix!

Bye for now


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