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Good morning Today!

Good morning Today!

I have just had my breakfast, and I decided I am not going to go for a run this morning… so that’s that! 🙂

Now for info that is a bit more useful… See this extract from the book I am currently reading (In a Different Time – Peter Harris):

‘On one visit, he saw the daughter of the owner, a young white girl who his mother calls ‘Nonnatjie’ – little madam. He noticed that his mother, who was always in command at their home and very strict with her own family, behaved differently here. It bothered him that this little girl did not respect his mother and called her by her first name. At home he would never call an older person by their first name, always by their title, like aunt or uncle.’

Another extract:

‘He noticed his tea was served in a jam tin and his plate of food was put on the ground, the way you would feed a dog.’

Last extract:

‘One day while visiting his father at the construction company in Silverton, Ting Ting witnessed the behaviour of a young white man towards his father. The man drove up to the entrance gate and shouted, ‘John, open the gate,’ blustering and gesticulating rudely. Much offended, Ting Ting told the driver not to speak to his father in that way. An argument started…’

Okay, that is all I have time for now. Maybe I will put some photos on my blog later today of my latest pencil sketches.

Bye bye


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