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On being a writer

Today I am not going to put any extracts from my book on this blog:-) If I keep going at this rate, the whole book will be on my blog soon! Okay – not really: I’ll put some more extracts soon.

Today I feel like writing on being a writer. Being a writer is tough! Having the courage to SAY you are a writer, is probably even tougher. When I say to people that I write – I wonder whether they are thinking:’Ag, everybody writes!’ Perhaps they think you need to have at least published a book to be called a writer.

Although I have been published quite a lot (I freelance for various magazines), I wonder whether being published is a requirement for being called a writer… I don’t think so: You might not be a published writer or author, but making the decision to commit yourself to your writing full-time, makes you a writer. If you are doing it as a hobby, part-time, I am not sure whether you can call yourself a writer… (feel free to debate this – I might be completely wrong!) Being called a writer is an honourable title and worthy job description – it is not just some dreamy, meaningless, wishy-washy and vague title. It is not less valuable than being a psychologist, doctor or physiotherapist. I take my work seriously, and I pray that God use my articles to change and touch people’s lives and to point them to God. And for me, THAT is what life is all about: He is the way, the truth and the light. For me, it is easy, as I am writing mostly for Christian magazines: I often get the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives with my writing. Find a publication that supports a cause that you feel passionate about – it will give a sense that being a writer is also an important JOB.

So that is what I have to say today about being a writer – if you are a writer, claim that title proudly and show people it can be a career, not just a hobby.



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One thought on “On being a writer

  1. Agree agree!! That’s exactly why God made everyone so different! For everyone needs to give their unique piece to make our stay on earth beautiful and complete!!! 🙂 So whatever you do!!!! Do it with passion, do it with love …

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