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My Article in Elle Magazine!

See caption on left: 'Why We Love To Dress Up' - my article made ELLE!


By Nicolette Ferreira

Between 8am and 9pm every day, you will most certainly find a colourful pile of hopeful clothes on my bed. Am I bad at housekeeping? Not at all – just desperate to have a good day!

Dressing up for any occasion (and an ‘occasion’ involves anything from house cleaning to collecting the mail in the complex) is essential for having a successful day. The right combination of clothes and accessories, for me, does not only involve what is fashionable, but, most importantly, must reflect the mood that I want to be in…

Dressing up is a matter of magnitude! It is a time for making critical assessments: do I want to feel funky, or sophisticated? Do I want to be cute or sexy? What will empower me today?

My 6-door closet is a fortress – always equipped with everything I might need for the battle called life… I have clothes for feeling like a ballerina and clothes for feeling like Elle’s summer shoot model. Then there are house-cleaning clothes (for feeling like maid in Manhattan) and something way at the back in case I ever have to, goodness forbid, paint something around the house.

I have pajamas for spring, summer, autumn and winter (yes, even going to bed requires dressing up). There is a pair of boots that says ‘I am cool and funky and I have just spent the entire day surfing’ (even though I have never done such a thing in my life) and a pair that says ‘Don’t mess with me – today or ever! I am a modern, emancipated woman!’ I have a short, little blue thing that makes me feel like a celebrity when I wear it with high heels, as well as cute ‘frilly flowery frocks’ with white cardigans for feeling as cute as a button.

Once I have decided on my battle gear for the day, it is not simply over and done with: I probably wear 3 to 4 different outfits each day – and that excludes my nightwear!

Does it frustrate me one bit to change clothes every 4 to 5 hours? Well, it is rather annoying when I get to bed at 11 pm and find my whole wardrobe on my bed, shoes scattered everywhere. In fact, my shoes and clothes will be scattered all over the house – in every room with a mirror: I seem to believe that one mirror works different than another…

But besides all this, I love the process of putting together a killer ensemble. Personally, it is quite similar to the pleasure I got from childlike activities, like dressing Barbie or colouring: shall I give Charlie Brown a red sweater or a yellow one? Blue shoes or red ones? The joy comes from having both the power and freedom to decide and create.

Dressing up gives me a sense of being armed. My clothes are my most useful and perilous weapon. I wage war against anything that wants to bring me down. Leave-in conditioner, mascara, long string pearls, jeans and a soft, flowery cotton top… it’s war time! Just think about underwear: No one has to see them, but the moment you put on that white bra with the pink lace – you are a conquering lady.

Tousling my hair, putting on a dress when it is not quite summer yet, and glossing my lips to the extent that I cannot kiss my man, works for me. Even walking around with my big black shades and a take away cup of cappuccino is part of dressing up and boosting my confidence. Life, you can open fire! My closet has me covered!


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