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Ten (Eleven!) Things I Would Do Differently – If I Had To Go Back To High School

Ten Things I Would Do Differently – If I Had To Go Back To High School

I think very few of us ever wish to go back to school. Perhaps the sporty and cool kids in school do longingly look back on those days, but for the rest of us who had to suffer through High School, those days remain best in the past.

But if I really had to go back to high school, I would want to go back, knowing what I do now. You see, I only learned at University about that sneaky thing called ‘Society’ that makes us believe that there is one way of doing things and that if you do not do something in that exact ‘Way’, your future will be a disaster. You won’t find a job and you won’t find a spouse (the word life partner was probably not even uttered back then – GASP!).

Anyways – I am digressing, which is indeed easy if you have as many thoughts and opinions about school as I do. If I had to do High School over, here are ten things that I would do differently:

1.) I won’t be so afraid of everything – teachers included. I also studied teaching and I had teacher friends. You should rather be scared of your teachers’ lack of knowledge than of what they can do to you.

2.) I would wear my hair as wild as school rules could possibly allow. I wouldn’t have worried about straightening my curls or taming them in any way. The bigger, the better.

3.) I would wear mascara and blusher – they really won’t know.

4.) I would not participate in all the extra-curricular activities that we were expected to participate in: no hockey, no netball, no target-shooting. I would have chosen only ONE thing that I really loved to do. If school did not present me with something that I loved, I would have found something outside school (be it mountain biking, dancing, writing).

5.) I would have spent all the time off from Saturday target-shooting, hockey and choir practice to watch DVDs, browse through magazines, listen to music and write. Or I would have painted more for fun.

6.) I never would have gone on until grade 11 with Science. I merely kept on doing this for such a long time as teachers told me that many doors would close for me the day I drop Science. I initially did drop Science for History of Art. Wow – I should have done this much sooner. I haven’t found any of those closed doors that they talked about yet.

7.) I would learn Xhosa

8.) I would hang out with the ‘black’ and ‘coloured’ kids. When I was in school everyone was still in their own group.

9.) I would laugh at the girls eating their carrots and celery at school, while eating something delicious!

10.) I would never do any embarrassing kind of athletics, even if teachers told us we had to. I would simply say ‘No – I am a sensitive person… my psychologist says I don’t have to participate in any such activities’. Ha! I wonder what they would have said…

Wow – I could continue to write many other things… but seeing that I said ten, and this can indeed become a very long list, I will stop here. Perhaps just one more… I would look at all those cool (or so they thought) boys and I would think to myself: ‘WHATEVER – You really have no clue!’ (And I am not saying this because I am a lonely lady with a cat – I am happily married, for three years now). I would laugh, forget about them and continue reading my magazine, writing my book, watching DVDs, hanging out with my best friend drinking LOTS of cappuccinos and walking with our dog. Oh man – now I ‘kinda’ wish I could do high school all over!!

What would YOU do differently??



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2 thoughts on “Ten (Eleven!) Things I Would Do Differently – If I Had To Go Back To High School

  1. Charles on said:

    jy laat my ook sommer nou terug verlang hoerskool toe!!

  2. Haha! Hallo Charles!

    Great om van jou te hoor:-D Ja, party dae dink ek dit sou lekker gewees het om terug te gaan, net om dinge ANDERS te doen!


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