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Questioning, Pondering, Wondering…

Doesn’t it seem that we are always looking for answers to life? How much effort is enough? How should I live my life? What should I do about this or that?

How much should I eat? Am I eating too much? How do you know what is balanced? What is the ideal way to live my life? Am I making the most of my life? Am I too boring or am I balanced and responsible?

Is it okay that I am shy – is it just who I am? Or do I have a low self-esteem and should I just get over it, stand up and be a ‘man’? In other words – do I embrace who I think I am and is who I think I am really who I am?

Will I be with my husband in heaven? Will I be able to sleep in the same bed with him? By the way, what will we be doing in heaven all the time? What will we be eating and how much? Will there be exercise classes and will we be eating pancakes?

Am I suppose to be sitting here typing or should I rather be walking outside in the sun? Am I wasting time or am I worrying too much? And how do I stop thinking of all thee things? And should I even stop wondering about all these things?

Questions like these can make us crazy and restless. They play over an over in my head without ever leaving me to rest! People say that I should worry less and that I am silly to wonder about these things… They call me an over-thinker.

I have realised that not everyone experiences life in questions as I do. And for those who do not look at life that way, it all seems quit simple – you don’t need to know all those things. They seem to have mastered the art of living in the now.

See, that is something I have heard so much about – living in the now – but I am finding it almost impossible to do it! The moment I try to tell myself to focus on the moment, I know I won’t succeed for too long. For example: we are on the family farm at the moment, and as we are driving through the most beautiful orchards covered in soft orange sunsets and cattle grazing peacefully in the golden mist of the setting sun through the trees (see photo), I can’t help but think of all my questions! They just pop up and I can’t seem to control them. I don’t need to repeat any of these questions – I have listed just a few above!

How do we ever know that we are busy doing the right thing? How do we ever find the ultimate key, the ultimate answer, the ultimate guidebook to life and the ultimate seven steps to the best you? Is life even supposed to be this tricky? Am I making any sense at all?

I don’t know… what do you think? How do we best manage ourselves and our lives?

Questioning, pondering and wondering…
Nicolette *


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5 thoughts on “Questioning, Pondering, Wondering…

  1. I don’t think you are the only one asking yourself so many questions! I also do it! 🙂

    With regards to your question about how we know what we are busy with is the ‘right thing’, I think it is important to be lead by the peace in your heart. I think the moment your peace is gone, you should look at what you are busy with and ask yourself if you are really living out of the depths of your soul.

    I don’t think there is a guidebook to life, or a certain amount of steps that need to be followed – but I think every person should be true to himself. If it gives you great joy to dance in public, then you should not let society judge you and cause you to stop. I think a great amount of creative genius gets lost because of a fear of man.

    Don’t know if I’m off topic – just my 10 cents worth! 🙂

  2. Hallo Karien! Thank you so much for this message!

    The day I wrote this, I went to bed exhausted – exhausted from thinking about all these questions! I really felt absolutely drained.

    Then it just suddenly dawned on me: I’m giving up (in a good way)! No more seven steps or three points to manage my life. I am going to give God and life an opportunity to come my way. I am going to stop trying to figure things out and trying to do everything just right.

    Rather, I am going to just take one step at a time and do what my hand finds to do and do what I enjoy without asking so many questions. For example, if I want to take an afternoon nap, I ‘ll take it without asking: ‘Should I? Isn’t this lazy? What about other people working?’

    I am going to let life unfold instead of trying to mould everything into the perfect way of living life! I am open to embrace what is coming my way***


  3. zoubida on said:

    I am also overwhelmed by these questions. And the fact is that they keep on overwhelming my head and heart because I cant find the answers. I think it is really hard trying to avoid these questions as they are part of our pursuit of happiness. They serve as a guidance and must not be taken as a burden. They highlighten our choices and visions of the world. And at the end, all you keep in mind, is the 5 seconds during which you stopped thinking and allowed yourself to stare at the picture. Those pictures which offer the heart the peace it needs, the peace that cant be brought by the brain

    • Hi Zoubida!

      Thank you for your comment:-) It is good to know I am not going crazy and that other people are also experiencing these questions in their heads!!

      You are right – the brain, for all its beauty and wonder, can make our lives quite difficult…

      Wishing you a lovely, blessed day*


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