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Making Winter Better!! Is It Possible??

Jeepers – how on earth can we keep warm enough in winter?! I can’t stay in bed all day and neither can I sit in my office with the heater on for twelve hours…

And layering! I hate layering – I always lose one of the layers that moved upwards during the day and I can’t quite reach it to pull it down again – haha!

I am trying to find ways to be positive about winter. So I thought I should try the ‘list thing’. Feel free to join in. I will try to list TEN things (oh my, will I find ten things?!) that I really like about winter. Sigh – here goes! Not sure if this will improve my feelings towards winter…

1) I love pancake

2) I love sleeping in winter and I can snuggle up close to my hubby without him complaining that I am sleeping him off the bed!

3) I really like hot chocolate and cappuccinos and we drink them so much more often in winter

4) Soup is one of my favourite dishes

5) I think Gluhwein is divine! (Does anyone have a nice recipe?)

I’m running out of things I like about winter here!!

6) Foam baths! Foam baths in winter are wonderful!

7) Watching DVDs in winter are much more fun than watching them in summer

8) More shopping… 🙂

Hmmm, let’s see… I don’t know what else…

9) Having an excuse to exercise less!

10) The fact that it doesn’t and cannot last forever!!

And oh yes!! 11) My black boots and Jenni Button black coat are more than enough reasons to love winter!
Perhaps I should get dressed in my boots, watch a DVD, drink a cappuccino and search for a Gluhwein recipe on the Internet. Perhaps winter is not so bad after all. What do you like about winter?

Stay warm… and good!



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3 thoughts on “Making Winter Better!! Is It Possible??

  1. zoubida on said:

    Winter in France is fun, since it starts on December. What do I like about winter?

    1) Christmas: the lights, the joy, the food, the gifts
    2) New year’s Eve : the parties and wishes for a better world
    3) The snow (when it snows, not often..) : beautiful and pure
    4) cuddlin, watchin’ dvds w/ heavy socks on the feet

    And, that’s it! Im running out of ideas. I love summer sooo much!

  2. Haha! Thanks Zoubida – I am laughing because you are also running out of ideas why you like winter 😉

    It is wonderful that you have Christmas in winter: we have it in summer, of course, so the days are usually scorching hot! But that also has its advantages, like swimming, BBQ-ing and just enjoying early morning or late evening walks.

    I will most definitely be cuddling, watching DVDs, wearing heavy socks, tonight! ***

    Love, always

  3. My husband carried the couch outside today when the sun was shining, and it was lovely to sit and read in the garden! It will definitely go on my list of things to do to make winter better 😉


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