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The collage I made of what I want our home to be...

What Do I Want Our Home To Be…

I was recently introduced to the idea of making a dream board. This basically entails cutting out all sorts of pictures that you like or that capture a dream you have and making a collage from them.

I took a magazine and said to myself: I will cut out anything that I find pretty and that I like! The pictures I cut out soon took on a clear theme… They were images of what I want our home to be for us.

I am going to laminate this collage and put it up somewhere where I can be reminded daily of what kind of space I want to create in the home that God and my husband have so lovingly provided for us.

What do you want for your home? Perhaps you should make a list or a collage to remind yourself of the dream you have for your house on the days that you are tired of having to do the dishes and washing. Here are just a few things I want for our home:

• I want our house to be a place where my husband feels happy to practice his hobbies – a safe and accepting environment.

Not a pic of our house, but my hubby busy practicing his hobby!

• I want there to always be food (healthy and sweet!) in the house – I don’t want my husband to open the fridge for a snack and find nothing there (I am sorry if I am offending anyone by seemingly feeding into sexist stereotyping… note that this is not a list for things to do for YOUR home, but merely a list of things that I personally want for our home).

• I want the house to be warm in winter and cool and fresh in summer.

• I want the house to be clean, but not in a perfectionist way.

• I want people to feel very, very welcome in our house.

• Our house should be a space of love – it must be tangible: full of hugs, kisses and listening ears.

• Music – good music should fill the air in our house.

• Beautiful things should be displayed such as flowers or candles.

• I want to have pots with sweets in the kitchen.

• I want to learn how to bake, cook and make cocktails and fill the house with kitchen warmth.

Hmmmm… I can’t think of anything else now. It’s not easy to make a house a home. I will have to look at my collage and list regularly! And I think I need to accept that our house is an ongoing project and that it will change every day and week as the people who live here go through different phases. So I will not be frustrated if I am continually ‘fixing’ the home and it never seems to get finished. There is no finish. It finishes the day both my husband and I are not here anymore.

Tessa - our baby for now 🙂




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3 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Hi Nici, not fair u are so incredibly talented- ur board looks much better than mine!!! Love it

  2. Haha Sue!! Come on, post your collage! Or tell us more about what you think ‘home’ is!
    So lekker van jou te hoor – ek vergeet jou nOOIT nie!

    Lovies, ALWAYS

  3. Ha! I realised only after I finished the collage, that the picture top right are two women and not a man and a woman!! Haha – my husband thought it was quite funny – hiehie!! Whoops.

    You can click on the collage to enlarge***

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