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Bums To The Heater, Friends!

I Really feel like blogging tonight, but I have no idea what I want to write about!
Hmmm… let’s just say I have writer’s block right now…

I think I will paste a cute photo of our dog, and maybe something will develop from it. Note when you look at this photo, that she is FAST asleep.

Tessa Sleeping

How on earth did she fall asleep like that? Well, there is a little blue heater blowing hot air on her bum! I put the heater on in the room, and some how that’s what she thought would be the best position to enjoy the heat while sleeping.

Seeing that I don’t want to keep you here while I babble on about nonsense, I will try to come up with something clever, so that you can say ‘Ahaaaa…’ when you experience the revelation with me. Ha! Now that puts some pressure on the matter.

Let’s see. What can I learn from my puppy? What valuable lesson for life can I draw from this? I can’t help but think of Ecclesiastes at this moment… It says somewhere that all that is left for us to do in this world where everything comes to nothing (pretty depressing, right?), is to enjoy the life we were given on earth (we are talking here about lots of celebration and feasting!) If this means looking stupid while dancing, but getting the thrill of comfy heat on your bum, then so be it!

So I think what I will do, is to stop worrying about looking stupid – I might just miss out on something really great. So, bums to the heater, friends! Enjoy life, look stupid, enjoy the heat!


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