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Hmmmm – I ought to be much more active on my blog! Especially now that baby is growing in my tummy and I am experiencing all sorts of new things.

My mind has just been so occupied. Have a quick peek into my head:

‘Am I ready to have this baby? Well, I’m having this baby! Should I still be working? Is it okay to take some time off? There are so many pregnancy books to read! Breastfeeding?? Ouch! And how will I ever remember everything that the Mediclinic dvd showed us? Beautiful baby clothes, soft blankets, ahhh – can’t wait to caress baby’s tiny feet and hands… oooh baby poo can be green… and apparently all sorts of colours you’ve never seen… oh gosh I’m nervous – baby will grow up to be a toddler and I won’t have the strength to run around after him… will he like me? Maybe I should go for a cappuccino, maybe not… I should watch my figure and we already have so many expenses with baby coming…’

And on and on goes my mind!

Anyways, here I am today, trying to gather some of my thoughts. I have missed chatting to all those lovely people who come across my blog! And I will indeed chat about pregnancy today.

What are the three things I enjoy most about being pregnant?

1.) People are so accommodating towards me! At grocery stores they actually put my bags into a big trolley – even if it is just two smallish bags full of nothing heavy. And people smile at me (or touch my tummy… ahh! I feel so loved!)
2.) I love feeling baby move. Is it a fist? Is it a foot? Is it his bum?! (My husband constantly tells me: ‘Stop poking the poor baby!’
I’m just trying to figure out what goes where! Sometimes I imagine baby is kicking me with his little foot as a way of saying: ‘Mommy, SAY something! Play with me!’ I’m probably just being silly – baby won’t remember me chatting to him – will he?! I just can’t decide whether I believe this baby-chat thing or not…
3.) It is so much fun shopping for cute baby clothes. What more can I say? Teddys, little duckies, tiny blue socks!

What are the three things I struggle with most regarding my pregnancy?

1.) I struggle to sleep at night – I constantly feel baby squirm once I’m on my side… This is probably only due to the increase of oxygen to the baby, but it feels like I am squashing his little head or a foot and that he is thinking: ‘What are you doing, mommy!! Get off my head/ foot!’ ☹
2.) The heat and discomfort is quite unbearable at times… it feels like baby is sitting right under my lungs and shoving them upwards.
3.) Having to go to the loo every ten minutes for a disappointing amount of water to come out – really: I’m like ‘THAT’S IT??!’ No freaking way did I just frantically run to the loo or made my hubby stop for THIS?!

If anyone would like to share their favourite and not so favourite pregnancy memories, please do so here. I would love to see what we all have in common.

Ahhh - all the cute baby things!



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