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Hmmmm – I ought to be much more active on my blog! Especially now that baby is growing in my tummy and I am experiencing all sorts of new things.

My mind has just been so occupied. Have a quick peek into my head:

‘Am I ready to have this baby? Well, I’m having this baby! Should I still be working? Is it okay to take some time off? There are so many pregnancy books to read! Breastfeeding?? Ouch! And how will I ever remember everything that the Mediclinic dvd showed us? Beautiful baby clothes, soft blankets, ahhh – can’t wait to caress baby’s tiny feet and hands… oooh baby poo can be green… and apparently all sorts of colours you’ve never seen… oh gosh I’m nervous – baby will grow up to be a toddler and I won’t have the strength to run around after him… will he like me? Maybe I should go for a cappuccino, maybe not… I should watch my figure and we already have so many expenses with baby coming…’

And on and on goes my mind!

Anyways, here I am today, trying to gather some of my thoughts. I have missed chatting to all those lovely people who come across my blog! And I will indeed chat about pregnancy today.

What are the three things I enjoy most about being pregnant?

1.) People are so accommodating towards me! At grocery stores they actually put my bags into a big trolley – even if it is just two smallish bags full of nothing heavy. And people smile at me (or touch my tummy… ahh! I feel so loved!)
2.) I love feeling baby move. Is it a fist? Is it a foot? Is it his bum?! (My husband constantly tells me: ‘Stop poking the poor baby!’
I’m just trying to figure out what goes where! Sometimes I imagine baby is kicking me with his little foot as a way of saying: ‘Mommy, SAY something! Play with me!’ I’m probably just being silly – baby won’t remember me chatting to him – will he?! I just can’t decide whether I believe this baby-chat thing or not…
3.) It is so much fun shopping for cute baby clothes. What more can I say? Teddys, little duckies, tiny blue socks!

What are the three things I struggle with most regarding my pregnancy?

1.) I struggle to sleep at night – I constantly feel baby squirm once I’m on my side… This is probably only due to the increase of oxygen to the baby, but it feels like I am squashing his little head or a foot and that he is thinking: ‘What are you doing, mommy!! Get off my head/ foot!’ ☹
2.) The heat and discomfort is quite unbearable at times… it feels like baby is sitting right under my lungs and shoving them upwards.
3.) Having to go to the loo every ten minutes for a disappointing amount of water to come out – really: I’m like ‘THAT’S IT??!’ No freaking way did I just frantically run to the loo or made my hubby stop for THIS?!

If anyone would like to share their favourite and not so favourite pregnancy memories, please do so here. I would love to see what we all have in common.

Ahhh - all the cute baby things!



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13 thoughts on “HELP! I’M HAVING A BABY!!!

  1. Great blog Nicolette. You are not alone!

  2. Hi Celeste!

    And thank you! I have been waking up every morning with back ache and today I am even feeling quite teary 😦
    But I am going to try and be kind to myself (and baby) and just take it slow today! Maybe go for that cappuccino… 🙂

    Thanks for your comment, Celeste!
    Nicolette ***

  3. Marieta on said:

    I think you’ll be a wonderful mommy! And of course your baby will adore you! Don’t stop chatting… part of the special bonding? Stay amazed…

  4. Ah Thanks Marieta!

    Okay – I won’t stop the chatting:-) It’s hard not to chat when baby starts making all sorts of funny movements! We are going for a scan this Thursday – I think ‘seeing’ baby will lift me out of the ‘feeling blue phase’ I have been going through***

    Lots of love, you are such a special person, Marieta!


  5. Ahh, those wonderful third trimester hormones coupled with lack of sleep, not a great combination. Be kind to yourself, go have that Cappucinno, hek while you at it why don’t you book yourself in somewhere for a nice Preggy Back & Neck massage. Will do you the world of good.

  6. In my last 2 weeks before my 1st baby was born (Dec/Jan) so HOT. I had to sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed with a continetal pillow in front of me for support. This was a two fold solution to my heartburn and also the heat and getting comfortable on a bed with a 1000 pillows stuffed in every crevice!

    • Dear Celeste!

      Haha – it was so great to read your ‘floor-sleeping’ story! It is so good to know that someone knows exactly what I mean:-)

      Another thing I am struggling with is exercise: I have been going for three 25 minute walks a week, but lately I am really struggling to keep to this ‘not-so-hectic’ exercise regime! Any advice?! Anyone?!


  7. Dear Nicolette… I love your honesty, and honestly you are so sweet and adorable and you will be a magnificent Mommy!!!!!! I know, else you wouldn’t care so much about all these things, and the fact that you DO, just says it all!!!

    I BELIEVE with all my heart baby loves attention in the womb. I used to call Matthew, “Matty-Moo” in my tummy and he always used to stick out his bum…(well that’s what I thought it was… and does it really matter;-) and I used to just softly rub it and stroke his little bum and say his name.

    But anyway… when Matty was born I didn’t even get to hold him, I saw him briefly and then he left with the nurses the doctor and his Daddy and I remained in the recovery room after my C-Section! They took Matthew to ICU, my husband came back to tell me and I made him go check if the baby was ok.

    He spoke to the baby: “Hello my Son. Are you O.K.” The baby just lay still on his tummy, and the minute his Daddy said the soo familiar words, silly as they are, “Hello Matty-Moo”, the baby lifted his head up with his shoulders, trying to find the person whom he knew he would be safe by!!!! That was the first time they bonded!!!!

    Love you Nicolette and soon you will enjoy your precious new baby, I am so excited for you!!!!!!

    • Dearest Carla!!

      Oh wow!! Your story about Matthew and ‘Matty-Moo’ has just given a kick-start to my day:-D Big smile on my face right now:-) Suddenly I am soooo excited to meet baby – we don’t have a name yet (but we are getting there – already have three options!), but I always call him ‘Baba’: Baba this and baba that:-) I’m sure now he will recognise my voice when he comes out and I say ‘BABA!’

      Thank you so much for putting the excitement back into the moment for me, and for helping to forget about all those things I am afraid of.

      May you and your Matty-Moo and sweet husband be so blessed!

      Love, always

  8. Awesome that you have renewed excitement Nicolette! yes I do believe strongly is the talking to baby in your belly. Keep at it, even if you feel a little odd doing it. You might just be pleasantly supprised.

    Excercise… Well I am not a good example to follow. With my daugther I did none whatsoever. Ate what I wanted and was overall not really into healthy living. I did gain 20Kg’s which set me straight with my second child. I had been gyming before I fell pregnant and continued to do so throught he first half of my pregnancy. I watched what I ate and tried to be ‘Good” I only gained 10Kg’s and felt that recovery was far easier after the birth.

    With this pregnancy I have been lazy to excercise but do run after 2 hectic kids. I am careful with what I eat and try and make good choices and thus far have managed to keep my weight nicely under control.

    So in essence what I am trying to say is, if you are watching what you are eating and having atleast some activity through the day (Not being a couch potato) then if you don’t feel like keeping up the excercising it’s probably ok, you have come this far and it’s been a good start. You can pat yourself on the back for that.

    • Thank you Celeste for the encouragement! I think third trimester exhaustion from the extra weight, combined with the Boland heat, just get met down sometimes! But it’s cool and rainy today, so I have been working on baby’s room:-) YAH! And yesterday we went for a pregnancy photo shoot – exciting times***


  9. Mariette on said:

    Hi Nics!
    Oor die praat met baba: ek het ook maar altyd so bietjie stupid gevoel, maar het deurgedruk daarmee (deels oor ek ook nie eintlik kon stop nie, haha!). Die wonderlikste le vir jou voor! Die oomblik as baba gebore word en jy praat met hom, sal jy sien hy herken jou! Dis net ongelooflik!

    Met Wilmar het ek ‘n noodkeiser gehad met narkose en ek kon eers regtig die volgende dag aandag gee. Dit was amazing om te sien hoe hy sy koppie lig en vir my soek, die oomblik as ek praat. En met Renier was ek darem wakker. Die outjie het vreeslik geskree toe hulle hom op my bors neersit. Die pediater het gekoer en Pappa langs my het gekoer, maar die oomblik toe ek met hom praat, het hy tjoepstil geword en my met sulke groot ogies aangekyk! Dit is ‘n gevoel wat mens nie kan beskryf nie, maar jy gaan dit eerste hands ervaar! Ek is sommer jaloers! Hahaha! Geniet elke oomblikkie! Dit is SO spesiaal!

    En glo my: jy gaan jou boepie (wat nou swaar en ongemaklik is) vreeslik mis! My baba is al 3 jaar oud en ek mis my boepie NOU nog! En die gevoel van sy bewegings in my! Ai! As vrouens is ons darem waarlik geseend en bederf deur ons Vader – dit is ‘n ervaring bedoel NET VIR ONS! Dit maak jou baie spesiaal in Sy oe!

    Ons kan nie wag om ons nuwe familie-lidjie te ontmoet nie! Ons wag letterlik in spanning!

    Terloops, na al ons geselsies, wil ek saam stem met jou blog-vriendinne! Ek dink jy sal ‘n wonderlike mamma uitmaak! En onthou: daar is nie iets soos ‘n perfekte mamma nie, maar Jesus het jou spesiaal vir hierdie seuntjie uitgekies, en dit maak jou die perfekte mamma vir hom! (Ek moet myself gereeld daaraan herinner wanneer dit bietjie dol gaan hier in ons huis met die 2 woelige seunskinders! Maar ek “love” dit! Elke oomblik!)

    En jy gaan ook! Ek WEET dit net!

    • Dankie liewe liewe Mariette!! Weet jy, toe ek lees ‘Jesus het jou spesiaal gekies as mamma vir hierdie seuntjie’, toe kry ek so warm gevoel en n groot smile!! Dit beteken sooo baie en is so lekker om te hoor:-D Ag, jou boodskap beteken sommer nou vir my baie***

      Nog n vriendin, Carla, het my vertel die baba erken jou stem na geboorte!! Oe!! Nou is die bang sommer weg en sien ek baie uit:-D Ek kan nie wag om vir baba te wys hoe lief ek vir hom is nie, en hoe mooi ek na hom sal kyk nie. Ek wil he hy moet my altyd vertrou!

      Dankie – jy sit die cherrie op hierdie dag***

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