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About things such as the Nedine Blom ‘scandal’… and Jack Parow…

Jack Parow

Nedine Blom

One of the ‘current issues’ of discussion is the ‘scandal’ (this sounds very SON/ Huisgenoot-ish!) involving the well-known South African gospel singer, Nedine Blom, who has had an affair.

Well, I am most definitely not going to provide you with any juicy, gossipy details about the whole ordeal, as this is not what I am into…

What I am, however, very much into, is raising my voice for the ‘underdog’… (which is probably why I enjoyed Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood so much, it being a novel about what happens when the world of the ‘ideal citizen’ collides with the world of the ‘underdog’… die skollie, hehe)

Anyways, moving back to the Nedine Blom issue. I am not going to point any fingers, I am just as human as she is, and I can certainly not throw the first stone. What I DO want to say, or ask, however, is: Why are people SO quick to judge the seemingly ‘scaly’ characters in our society? The Jack Parows? Or Die Antwoord-type-characters?

I don’t know too much about either Jack Parow or Die Antwoord, except that I really like Jack Parow’s ‘Tussen Stasies’, which he did with ‘Die Heuwels Fantasties’, as well as some fun songs, such as Ricki Louw… 😉

I get so mad when parents say to their kids that these people are rubbish – just because they hear an obscene word or two coming out of a song. These songs are about so much more than those one or two words of frustration…

In ‘Tussen Stasies’ , Parow sings about ‘walking the road to his Dad’s big shoes’ (or does this hit too close to home for some parents?), he sings about praying for hours, but just praying one sentence… Well, maybe he isn’t praying the Holy Spirit into people (and as a Christian I say this with respect), but at least he is honest about trying, and saying he can’t get past that one sentence…

I value the fact that such an artist can be honest and raw with no pretending they have it all together. On the other hand, some people only see anyone who has ever appeared in the Finesse magazine as holy and wholesome role models.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that people should wake up and think a little before judging. Being a gospel role model, doesn’t necessarily make you more honest and sincere than the Jack Parows of this life. And I don’t want to be judging Nedine Blom or any other such figures, and I apologise if I am too blind to see that this is indeed what I am doing… I am just saying: don’t be so quick to judge those who do not fit into the mould of the ideal citizen.


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6 thoughts on “About things such as the Nedine Blom ‘scandal’… and Jack Parow…

  1. Peter on said:

    Leonard Cohen said:
    “I’ve done my best, it wasn’t much
    I couldn’t see so I tried to touch
    I didn’t come hear to just to fool you
    And even though it all went wrong,
    I’ll stand before the Lord of song
    With nothing on my lips but Hallelujah”

    • Hi Peter!

      Oh wow! I got goosebumps when I read the words ‘I didn’t come here just to fool you’… Oh wow oh wow – this is the prefect song to capture what I am talking about here! Even, let’s just use as an example Jack Parow, even if he prays only that one sentence, because he struggles to get further than that, then that one sentence, or one Halleluja, if sincere, is a whole, fully valid prayer before God…

      Thank you so much!!

  2. Well put, and I agree. Why some relish in stomping around when someone else takes a tumble, defies logic. The world would be a better place if we all realised the stupidity of casting the first stone. Thanks you …

    • Hi Amos!

      Thank you so much for your comment:-D Yes – the world would indeed be a better place if everyone realised they are not in a position to throw that first stone!

      I think people should experience something for themselves before throwing a stone: for example, don’t just say Die Antwoord (just as an example) is BAD, if you have only heard other people say so, and you haven’t listened to their lyrics yourself. Listen to the band, and if you find them offensive, at least you have made up your own mind, instead of just going along with what other people say about them.

      Thanks once again for your contribution here!


  3. Nicolette,
    I SO appreciate your article… the gossipmongers and scoop seekers out there : Rapport, You magazine, Huisgenoot make money out of stomping all over people that have “slipped up” and it enrages me and outrages me at the same time…
    To make money out of someone else’s misery or downfall or “human traits” is vulture like and disgusting.
    I totally agree with you and would like to see ANY one of these “vultures” live a life ANY more wholesome than the poor souls they prey on.
    I shake my head at them, I honestly do.
    What the Jack’s and Nedine’s, Prince Charles’s and Lady Di’s of the world do, is SHOW us mere mortals that we are ..after all… just HUMAN.. no one gets away with any more or any less.
    Well put Nicolette.. I look forward to reading more from you!
    Xina Davies
    Moving Memories Photography

    • Anonymous on said:

      Hi Xina!

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      I always tell my husband, I am so glad I am not a celebrity – I would constantly be on the front page for a bad hair day or a red nose… GASP: ‘Nicolette spotted without make-up!’; ‘Nicolette having a frizzy day!’; ‘Nicolette eating a KING PIE – Shocking!’

      I agree with you: ‘shocking’ titles on glossies show us that celebrities are human too. It sounds horrible, but it’s kind of a relief to see that Eva Longoria (is that her name?!) has cellulite – phew! It makes it more okay to have cellulite ourselves – we realise that no one is perfect 🙂

      Hmmm… It’s so easy to stand on the side line and judge. We forget that we do similar wrongs than some celebrities – our mistakes are just not broadcasted on national television! I’m sure ‘Tannie Sussie van De Aar’ (for example) who is outraged at the immorality of a gospel singer has herself once done something she wouldn’t want to be made public…

      Let’s have more grace for one another, right?

      Wow – I have just been babbling now – not even sure I followed any argument here, haha! Porridge brain from pregnancy;-)

      Love, and thanks once again for your comment here!

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