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Our golden girl Caster Semenya still faces gender controversy

Caster Semenya’s athletic achievements have been surrounded by much controversy. There are those who question her gender and feel she might have an unfair advantage in her running (see

After her 800m win last night, putting her through to the 2012 Olympic finals, I wondered whether there were still any issues regarding her gender or whether the matter has been laid to rest.

So I ‘twittered’ her. I typed ‘Semenya’ into Search, and here are some of the horrible comments I have found (last nights tweets):

“I don’t want to hear any more jokes about Caster Semenya, that chick worked her balls off to get where she is today.”

“So wat do ya say 2 casta semenya…happy women’s day or happy fadaz dae…?”

“I hate to think this man semenya can take our medal.”

“I hope Semenya trips on her dick and falls.”

“Don’t forget to support our boy Caster Semenya”

Now… all of this does not raise the question for me of whether Semenya is male or female or both or whatever… rather, comments like these (and there are many more and many that are far worse than the few examples I have given), show that we have some scary, malicious and evil people out there…

What KIND of person (and I repeat, WHAT KIND OF PERSON) actually feels comfortable tweeting these things? Can people really be that hard-hearted? I mean, if you wonder whether she is male or female, it’s okay if you say to a friend, ‘Hey, I don’t know about that Semenya…’. But to tweet how you “wonder whether we will see Caster Semenya’s dick in her spandex?”

As I read through these tweets, I immediately thought of a song by John Prine (whose songs I have come to know thank to my hubby!) :

“Some humans ain’t human,
Some people ain’t kind”

I can only conclude, with regards to the Semenya Saga: ‘Some humans ain’t human, some people ain’t kind…’


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3 thoughts on “Our golden girl Caster Semenya still faces gender controversy

  1. She is what all of us see her to be , a young african girl who is talented in what she is doing so others are trying to put her down you know the “PULL HER DOWN” syndrome cause they are not happy with who they are and they will never be so to us we are here to support HER she is all we have here is South Africa and we are so proud of her!

  2. “Did you ever notice when you’re feeling really good
    there’s always a pigeon come shitting on your ‘hood?
    or you’re feeling your freedom and the world’s off your back
    then that hotshot from Texas starts his own war in Iraq
    Some humans aint human, some people aint kind”

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