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The real issue behind the Oscar Pistorius case

BladeRunner So… everybody is talking about the Oscar Pistorius issue…

My husband refuses to read the articles on this matter, as he believes the newspapers are exploiting the case through sensationalism. I do agree, but I find that I am still curious, so I secretly follow the recent updates on the case!

I especially like to follow it on Twitter – #OscarPistorius. On Twitter I can read all the latest updates, without buying the newspaper – although I am sure somewhere someone is making money from all my Twitter-reading…

I am not going to speculate about what really happened – it is so easy to get lost in a case like this: I find myself imagining where Oscar must be sleeping. Is it on a cell floor? I imagine him lying there. And how must it feel after being used to comfy duvets and a probably beautiful shower at home? Etc, etc!

My main conclusion from this whole matter, is that we so easily tend to live our lives through other people’s lives. I recently took Facebook off my phone, and I find that I am on Facebook much less! In fact, I am rarely on Facebook anymore. Once you are on Facebook, you start looking at other people’s lives – what are they doing, how exciting their lives look, where have they checked in, how does their boyfriend/girlfriend look, and so forth. We focus so much on other people’s lives, be it Oscar Pistorius, a favourite band or Facebook friends, that we end up not living our own lives and creating our OWN excitement and photo moments.

PENTAX Image OwnLife2

I am taking my attention off the way that other people live their lives, and LIVING AND CREATING MY OWN.

As they say: peace, out!

Love, Nicolette


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2 thoughts on “The real issue behind the Oscar Pistorius case

  1. Nicolette's husband on said:

    So true. Now stop reading the tweets!!!

  2. Haha – okay okay!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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