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‘I’m sorry – I didn’t do anything today…’

Some days, as a stay-at-home mom, I literally find my self walking around the house, doing nothing… Please note: this is NOT because I am lazy or that there is nothing to being a stay-at-home mom (and part-time freelance writer, let me just add – by the way, why do I feel like I have to justify myself?!)


If I decide to sit down in front of the computer to do some writing, Alex starts climbing up my leg, crying for my attention or for me to pick him up (yes – I have tried all sorts of interesting toys to keep him busy on the floor).

Should I pick him up… he will NOT magically sit stil on my lap while I type. He will pull everything he can off the table and also try his best to play with my laptop.

So I get up from my writing and decide to sit on the couch and do some constructive reading. I promise you – sitting down on the couch is like an open invitation to your baby to come and play with mommy. He will beg and tug at your leg for you to pick him up.

Should you pick him up, there is no chance of you relaxing for even a moment – he has no idea that he can fall off the couch and he will crawl around like a cute little baboon all over the couch.

So I get up and decide to get some house work done. Disaster. As I move form room to room, for example, packing away clothes, Alex will find it most frustrating – you see: just as he gets to the room I am in, I am already on my way out again. Inconsolable tears.

I decide to stand still and do the dishes. Nope – Alex climbs up my leg crying for me to pick him up or just do something amusing.

So sometimes I find myself just lying on the floor with Alex climbing all over me – I have to do my best to not get permanently scarred or bald as he goes for my hair, my eyes and my nose.

On these days, and there are many of them, I find myself at the end of the day feeling a little unfulfilled. If you think it is easy being a stay-at-home mom – you have no idea how difficult it sometimes get.

That said… I love my Alex and I would NEVER change having him. But please, just empathise with me a little bit today.




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3 thoughts on “‘I’m sorry – I didn’t do anything today…’

  1. Marieta on said:

    So glad to hear there are other moms going through the same. I think as moms we often think it is only your child that does this or that, when in reality, children are basically the same, needing the attention of their mommy’s. Somedays it is draining, I know, but at the end of the day, all worth it and like you said, won’t change a thing. Also think, as a stay at home mom, we just want to feel appreciated every now and again. xx

  2. Annabel on said:

    Oh Nicolette, I can so relate to this! I have to say though, and I hope this lasts – it does get slightly better after they turn 1!

  3. Hi Annabel and Marieta!

    Thank you so much for your comments. I feel that if Alex will just play by himself a little more, it would be easier:-)
    And a new issue that I have is: twice a week a lady comes in half-day to both look after Alex and do some cleaning… on those days he just wants to be with her. It truly feels he loves her more! When cries, he tugs at her dress and rather seems to want to be with her than me! Whaaaaaaaa!!!!

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