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Two different worlds – let’s bring them closer together

I would like to just have two minutes of your time as you read this:-)

This morning I went straight from my kids’ school to the creche at the Kayamandi Trauma Centre. The difference between these two spaces brought me to tears. I was just dropping off some fruit for the kids. I wrote a piece about the Trauma Centre four years ago and recently heard about the creche and wanted to go check it out to see what needs they have.

The Kayamandi Trauma Centre is right behind the Kayamandi Police Station, basically on the R44 as you exit Stellenbosch on the Kaymandi side. It is a safe house for women and children who are victims of domestic violence and abuse.

I expected that maybe the creche would need a few things, but what I saw left me in tears. I cannot explain how very little these kids have to keep them busy during the day. I was standing in the Checkers before I went, checking out some crayons, wondering if I should buy some for them, but then I thought, no, let me first go check out what their needs are. I so wish I had bought those crayons!

The kids are divided into two groups – the babies and the toddlers (about age 3-5). Four babies were sitting on the floor, crawling around or just sitting, one was sleeping on a bed – the ‘baby creche’ is basically a bed room in the Trauma Centre. No blocks or toys lying around to play with. The toddlers are in a Wendy house outside the building. I have never seen such an empty space! They have plastic tables and chairs, but other than that I spotted about three pictures on the wall.

I asked Mary, who works there, what the greatest need is at the creche. She said educational supplies. Anything educational! Crayons, puzzles, play dough, educational posters.

If there is any way you can help to bring some educational things to these children, could you please help me? Any toys or posters or crayons or books your kids don’t need anymore. Things you are throwing out. They really have close to nothing. I wish I could show you photos, but it felt too intrusive to take the camera out. And if you want to make sure if the place is legit, you can google ‘Kayamandi Trauma Centre’, I could give you a phone number, or even directions to the centre – I felt very safe, you have to walk by the front door of the police station to get there. I am also willing to drop off any donations. I think I am going to make some posters this weekend.

Hoping to hear from you xxx
You can mail me at

20170504_091117_resized. My very privileged kids at their school – enjoying a Mothers Day event with me.


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One thought on “Two different worlds – let’s bring them closer together

  1. Martha on said:

    Ai Nicolette. You always leave me in tears. Indeed we are priveledged.. we have been brought up in houses with more than enough. Now we are able to give to our children good health, schools, toys, yummy food, extra adventours…

    When the man at the robot walked passed my car today I looked away… i would rather not see, so that my heart cannot feel…but oh the feeling of guilt stayed behind. There are so many in need, what will my little contribution help? …was running through my mind so i just ignored.

    I am so glad for people like you, standing up, making us aware again. We should just actually give without thinking. May this creche be blessed with more donations. If i were closer i would have gone with you…but on my side of the world i will check where i can drop off my contribution xxxx

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