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Professional Freelance Writer and Stay-at-Home Mom

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Welcome to the space where Nicolette Writes!!

I am a now 35-year old, experienced freelance writer (I have been writing for South African publications since I finished my studies in 2008) and I am using this blog to both get my published articles ‘out there’ and to just enjoy the process of writing: besides finding my published work here, you will also find blog entries on curious experiences I have had, entries on things that tickle my mind, and lately, and I think most importantly, writings about my mental health.

My CV, in short:

* BA (Language and Culture) cum laude – Stellenbosch University
* BA Honours (English) cum laude – Stellenbosch University
* MA English Studies – Stellenbosch University. Thesis: ‘Grace and The Townships Housewife: Excavating South African Black Women’s Magazines from the 1960s.’
* PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) cum laude – Stellenbosch University
* I have written for ELLE, Vision Magazine, Natural Medicine Journal, JOY!, LIG, Food&Home, Farmers Weekly, Life After School and an article based on my Masters thesis (which is about two South African black women’s magazines that have never been researched before) has been published in the academic journal, Agenda. I wrote for the South African publications Mamas&Papas and The Expectant Mother’s Guide before becoming a full-time stay-at-home mom.

I am always keen on a new challenge, so if you need any writing done, email me at
And if you don’t need any writing done, and just want to ‘converse’ – I would love that too! Especially conversations on mental health – Depression and Anxiety.

Oh and essential oils! My new hobby! 😉

Bye for now,
ps: please leave comments wherever you want to – I will most definitely reply!

5 thoughts on “CLICK HERE to read more about NICOLETTE!

  1. tracy on said:

    Hi Nicolette, we were chatting so nicely until my blackberry had to go in for repairs. Please re-invite me on bbm 29E77A16. Regards Tracy

  2. Kgaugelo on said:

    Hi Nicolette I am currently doing my last paper for my graphic design degree. Its based on the way black women were influenced by magazines specifically during the 1950’s to the 1960’s in comparison to the average young woman today. It is really hard to get information on the “Grace” and “The Township Housewife” I would really apprieciate if you could please help me to point me in the right direction as to where in particular I could find information on the magazines.

    • Hi there!

      Would love to help! You can find my thesis on Grace and The Townships Housewife online!
      Just type in the name of my thesis (Grace and The Townships Housewife: Excavating South African Black Women’s Magazines from the 1960s), as well as my name, Nicolette Ferreira (or it might still be under my maiden name, though I doubt it, Nicolette Louw), and you will find it! Please let me know if you managed to find it!

      Hard copies of the magazines are also available at some national libraries in SA – let me know if I can help you with that!

      So excited to hear from you!

  3. Suzanne Opperman-Kemp on said:

    Hi Nicolette, I saw in our church newsletter that Sibongile Crèche is in need of a new CD player. Your blog was listed as the place to contact you about this? My husband and I would like to donate one, if it is still needed. Please let me know! Kind regards, Suzanne 🙂

  4. Ronelle Burger on said:

    Please email me. Need to chat to you about crisis centre please. I am no longer on facebook so could not find you in this way.

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