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Patensie – valley of oranges and Nguni cattle

I did these two pictures during the Winter holiday on my husband’s family’s farm in Patensie. Haha – if I don’t tell you what the first one is, you will probably never make out what it is… it is a small painting I did, sitting on the grass in front of the farm house, overlooking the nguni cattle in the field – the oranges in the trees I just added as Patensie is known for its oranges!! Most farmers in this area farm with citrus. Then the other drawing (I hope I have the pics the right way around now), I did from more or less the same place – if you look closely (hehe) you will see there is a tractor busy spraying the land (spraying? pest control? I don’t know what you call it!) Note the little house in the distance among the orange trees. This picture is very true to how it looks from the spot where I sat under the Avo trees.

Okay… maybe the rounded edges are a bit too much, I was experimenting with a program on my computer:) You will probably have to click on the images to see bigger versions!

Tatta taa for now


More painting!

It’s about time that I blog again!!

I am painting again!

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