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The collage I made of what I want our home to be...

What Do I Want Our Home To Be…

I was recently introduced to the idea of making a dream board. This basically entails cutting out all sorts of pictures that you like or that capture a dream you have and making a collage from them.

I took a magazine and said to myself: I will cut out anything that I find pretty and that I like! The pictures I cut out soon took on a clear theme… They were images of what I want our home to be for us.

I am going to laminate this collage and put it up somewhere where I can be reminded daily of what kind of space I want to create in the home that God and my husband have so lovingly provided for us.

What do you want for your home? Perhaps you should make a list or a collage to remind yourself of the dream you have for your house on the days that you are tired of having to do the dishes and washing. Here are just a few things I want for our home:

• I want our house to be a place where my husband feels happy to practice his hobbies – a safe and accepting environment.

Not a pic of our house, but my hubby busy practicing his hobby!

• I want there to always be food (healthy and sweet!) in the house – I don’t want my husband to open the fridge for a snack and find nothing there (I am sorry if I am offending anyone by seemingly feeding into sexist stereotyping… note that this is not a list for things to do for YOUR home, but merely a list of things that I personally want for our home).

• I want the house to be warm in winter and cool and fresh in summer.

• I want the house to be clean, but not in a perfectionist way.

• I want people to feel very, very welcome in our house.

• Our house should be a space of love – it must be tangible: full of hugs, kisses and listening ears.

• Music – good music should fill the air in our house.

• Beautiful things should be displayed such as flowers or candles.

• I want to have pots with sweets in the kitchen.

• I want to learn how to bake, cook and make cocktails and fill the house with kitchen warmth.

Hmmmm… I can’t think of anything else now. It’s not easy to make a house a home. I will have to look at my collage and list regularly! And I think I need to accept that our house is an ongoing project and that it will change every day and week as the people who live here go through different phases. So I will not be frustrated if I am continually ‘fixing’ the home and it never seems to get finished. There is no finish. It finishes the day both my husband and I are not here anymore.

Tessa - our baby for now 🙂




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